Naturally Ceremonies Ideas to ensure an enjoyable wedding day

Plan ahead and make your bookings with wedding specialists early to ensure that you get what you want.

Use a journal and checklists.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, have a back up plan ready to go!
This minimises the stress if you have to change plans due to adverse weather conditions..

Friends and family want to be a part of your celebration and will be only to willing to assist with need to do tasks,
A bridesmaids role starts way before the wedding day, Delegate! make this wedding an enjoyable experience for all.

State clearly on your wedding invitations the arrival time and ceremony start time.
This encourages people to arrive on time.

The days leading up to your wedding are a time to relax knowing everything is in place all preparations are complete, its time to enjoy your time with loved ones.
On your wedding day avoid last minute running around, rest relax enjoy being pampered.

Remember things aren't always going to go as planned keep your sense of humour,
don't let the unexpected get the better of you, laugh and you will survive.
Besides sometimes the unexpected things create the most memorable moments.

      heart      In the build up to your wedding day, remember why you are getting married!    

           Keep the lines of communication open between you both.

           With regard to the wedding plans;
                  Discuss what your expectations and needs are;
                            Discuss any difficulties or stresses that are happening 
                                      Work together to find a resolve.

          Take time out from the wedding planning to just be together.

          Relax and enjoy!